Writing a diversity plan

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Strategic Planning for Diversity

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Jettison and Professional Student Recruitment and Punctuation. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION Strategic Plan. Fiscal Years Office of Diversity and Inclusion Office of Human Resources and Administration.

Table of Contents Strategic Plan. A.

Diversity Strategic Plan for the Workplace

diversity. Set Goals. Setting diversity goals for your organization is the first step toward developing a strategic plan.

The Effective Diversity Statement

The primary goal is your diversity mission statement, which should clearly. The NRC Comprehensive Diversity Management Plan (CDMP) is meant to be a living document designed to promote strategies to increase NRC’s organizational capacity, guide decisions and practices that impact equal opportunity, and promote the principles of diversity management.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan to establish new or revise existing goals and strategies. See Appendix A for details on our process for developing, evaluating, and updating our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

Setting diversity goals for your organization is the first step toward developing a strategic plan. The primary goal is your diversity mission statement, which should clearly communicate your. Creating a diversity plans involves several steps to ensure that the institution is prepared to create a diversity plan, recognizes its role within a diverse community, and addresses diversity in a meaningful and relevant way.

Writing a diversity plan
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