Parking plan

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Parking Information

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Transportation & Parking Plan (TRP)

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Click map below for money locations. Height Drift Clearance in Lot A is 6 ft. Happiness is on a first-come, first-served shine. Parking is $15 per car or motorcycle; $10 after 3 pm. The parking garage fills on busy days, especially during summer and school holidays. Arrive early.

The parking structure, tram, coffee cart, and Central Garden open at am. Galleries open at 10 am. Enjoy evening hours. The Getty Center closes. Whether you are visiting Saint Louis University for a day, living on campus, or commuting to class or work, having a convenient and safe place to park is a priority.

Regardless of who you are and why you're Downtown, the free-to-ride DASH circulator offers motorists and parking customers several advantages. The service connects Downtown neighborhoods and destinations, enabling drivers to park once, leave the car and travel easily around Downtown.

The Transportation and Parking Management Department maintains and improves the transportation system for the safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and services. Select a venue below for parking, directions, and Pabst TheaterThe Pabst Theater is the centerpiece of Milwaukee's downtown theater district; able to accommodate virtually all performing art forms with the stunningly beautiful backdrop of a European opera note that the bridge over the Milwaukee River at Wells Street will be closed for renovation [ ].

Convenient accessible parking is located in the GEICO Garage, which is adjacent to the Amway Center. Guests using the GEICO Garage may access the Amway Center via the 5th floor GEICO Gateway pedestrian bridge, which connects to the Amway Center's Terrace Level (Level 3).

Parking plan
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