Factors to consider in lesson planning

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What major factors do you need to consider prior to making a lesson plan?

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Lesson Time 55 - 75 minutes. Hook 5 - 10 Minutes Power point 10 - 15 Minutes Get access to the rest of this Lesson and over more! The Importance of Lesson Planning are as follows: Lesson-Planning has certain definite functions to perform which are indispensable in good teaching.

1. Lesson- Planning gives the teacher greater assurance and greater freedom in teaching. The teacher who has planned his lesson. Lesson One: Learning about Early Modern Era Empires.

Infants Have Their Own Curriculum

A key role of diplomats is to gather and analyze intelligence. In this lesson, students acting as diplomats, will prepare a short intelligence briefing on their assigned empire to present to the representatives of the other modern empires.

Factors to consider when coordinating Collaborative Lesson Planning (CLP) Sessions

The principles of lesson and course planning. The components of a lesson and course plan. The relationship between curriculum goals and lesson objectives.

The links between lesson. A unit plan is a series of related lesson around a specific theme such as “the family”, “money”, etc.

Facilitation Planning and Preparation

Planning daily lessons is the end result of a complex planning process that includes the yearly, term and unit plans. Once you have identifed your target objectives, concepts, and vocabulary, consider the following elements of your lesson plan.

Building background knowledge As you prepare your lesson, determine what background knowledge students need in order to master the material.

Factors to consider in lesson planning
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